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How To Buy From AlphaBay Market

How To Buy From AlphaBay Market

How To Buy From AlphaBay Market,

Looking for a guide on how to buy from AlphaBay Market?

Well, you are in the right place. We have gone and done our research and made a step by step guide on safest, easiest and most secure way to purchase goods (of the legal variety of course) on AlphaBay.

NOTE: AlphaBay was shut down by the feds and DeSnake (Alphabay Admin and creator) was captured and hung himself in jail. It is sad to see the biggest and best market ever to close (Hansa and Silk Road 3.1 also have closed at the same time) but not to worry. The next biggest market is Dream Market, just go to Go to and you are back on a good dark net market. Remember, be as safe and private as you can on the darkweb, now more than ever, use PGP, VPN and a different email.

For those of you that are not too familiar with AlphaBay, it is a Dark Net Market that is the biggest in the world. You can buy a large variety of goods and service, both legal and illegal.

Most people come to buy illicit drugs from AlphaBay as they have the largest selection of drugs on the dark web.

If you haven’t accessed AlphaBay before and set up an account, then you need to follow the how to access AlphaBay guide here.

If you do already have your account, then continue reading.

Lets start from the beginning and set up the connection to AlphaBay in the most secure way we can.


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